Kefir diet

On this diet you can sit a day or two, no more. This kind of fasting days. This diet allows you to cleanse the digestive system. To drink this milk drink in any quantity. A meal should increase to 6 times, a break between meals should be no more than 3 hours, ideally 2-2.5 hours.

If it is difficult to hold one yogurt, you can add kiwi 3-4 pieces a day to eat one kiwi for an hour before the yogurt or want to mix with him. You can also add avocado, it needs to blend together with the yogurt and drink this cocktail 3 times a day, others three meals make kefir.

Yoghurt diet

This is the most delicious diet, it should not last more than three days. If after the first day the body feels good, you can continue it for up to three days. 500 ml low-fat yoghurt should be divided into 4 meals. During the day is also recommended to eat 350 g of fruit except bananas, grapes, watermelon and cantaloupes. Fruit can make the salad and fill with yogurt or to eat everything separately as one likes.

Cottage cheese diet

This diet is the most nourishing, and therefore the most comfortable, it is the feeling of hunger is not felt. Cheese is low in calories, but contains high amounts of amino acids and trace elements. With this diet the body does not suffer as it receives sufficient amount of nutrients. On this diet you can sit from 5 to 7 days and all products are divided into five meals a day. On the day you need to eat 300-350 grams of 5% cottage cheese plus kilos of fruit. From fruits you can make salads and eat a bit of sugar with the cheese. Also available with cheese and vegetables to make casseroles.

If you lead an active lifestyle, the diet can add calories bananas. In this case, the day got 500 grams of cottage cheese and only 4 of the banana. Fruits can be replaced with yogurt. In this case, a five-single food per meal to drink a glass of yogurt and eat 70-80 grams of cheese.