Makeup in the Ancient world

At all times, women tried to emphasize their beauty. In Ancient Egypt women not only women seemed to use cosmetics to give her face beauty. Arrows Egyptians and pharaohs emphasized the beauty of the eyes. Greek women sought the flush of the cheeks with juice of iris. Roman women painted eyebrows and eyelids, bleached skin, gave color to the lips and hair.

The right make-up

The right makeup needs to be subtle and appear natural. Such makeup usually spent a lot more time. Do not apply Foundation or powder in several layers. This creates the effect of old and painful skin. A frequent application of the cream and powder leads to the appearance of wrinkles.


Best of all, if it is hypoallergenic and high quality because cheap cosmetics can cause not only rashes, but sores on the skin or angioedema.

The most frequent mistakes in make-up

Error in makeup is a widespread phenomenon. A lot of them, but among them are five of the most frequent and significant errors.

1. The wrong tone - the bug most often manifested in a stained collars. There it is: a concealer was applied on the face and neck to color of the skin on the neck matched the colour of the face. Rule of thumb - if the tone changes the tint of the skin, then he picked up correctly.

Selection of colors of the cream depends on your complexion. When choosing a cream you should test the color on the jaw bone instead of the wrist like many do. Only then the tone will be picked up correctly.

2. Use blush instead of eye shadow - a common misconception women. Often they are wanting to save time, use blush as eyeshadow. This is a gross error, especially if a blush pink shades. These shades make the eyes sore, tearful and tired. This will not happen if you use a gold or beige blush.

3. Clear outline of the lips do not lose their fans. When he was in fashion long ago in the past. Now it looks vulgar. The contour of the lips should match the tone of lipstick or be a tone lighter or darker.

4. An overabundance of gloss on the lips - bug lovers plump lips. A few years ago, lip gloss was at the peak of popularity. It looks natural and makes your lips look luscious and shiny. But they should not be abused: a large number of sheen creates the effect that the woman ate something greasy. Also, do not put glitter on the puffy lips and over lipsticks bright colors in order not to lose the natural beauty.

5. "Painted" eyebrow, even if done carefully, create a caricature. Especially women with light skin and hair. Also not natural it looks wrong drawing of the eyebrows.

For the correct eyebrow makeup, you first need to give them the suitable for your face shape. For drawing it is better to use a shade in the color of the eyebrows and the pointed applicator instead of a pencil. Eyebrows should look natural.