It often happens that at the first appointment at the age of 1 month baby in every possible way shows his displeasure, go crying, blushes, kicks legs and arms, screaming. Do not be surprised - this is quite normal, as the situation in which it came to him natural and not frighten the child, he's looking for protection. And should arouse the suspicion of the competence of the doctor if he will prescribe medication from this state.

Temperament and character, and emotion - enough to strongly influence the development and behavior of the child. And if there are important reasons, why to try to find a disease that does not exist.

To the psychologist, the parents often come with problems such as:

- the lack of perseverance of the child in 4 years;

- unwillingness to play by yourself;

- tantrums and protests;

- disgusting and restless sleep;

- increased activity.

It is worth saying that for children up to 5-6 years, these "symptoms" are quite common, especially if you compare a baby with all his peers. But the parents are trying hard to see something and be sure to cure her. Do not forget - every child is special and not like everyone else, and his activity is not a reason to write it in the ranks of children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Be aware that all of these signs and symptoms characteristic of a certain age, and too emotional children may be more pronounced. To eliminate them, children need a clear regime and the understanding and care of loving parents, and a few simple techniques in education.