It is important not only knowledge of subjects but also life wisdom that we can share teachers. They lived a long life, many of them older than the parents of the kids. In some schools teachers are chosen so that it teaches children kindness, tolerance, care, courage, patriotism, honor.

As in kindergarten, children are supervised. Teachers monitor their successes and failures, help to cope with difficulties, praised and criticized. It is an educational process for what it is.

All the feelings that can manifest themselves in school, you need to explain to a child. As they affect himself, as they can affect classmates, parents and teachers, what would be the correct reaction to them, and what is wrong and what harm it can bring.

In some schools, where there is a Charter and form, well-chosen faculty, you can see such education. The child will explain everything, sort through, and even repeat more than once. He will give the knowledge not only in subjects but also life lessons. It is there to protect, to listen and to help. In any given situation.

There are families in which a child these emotions at home do not. Then the school and teachers can become his first home. Where he will be pleased to come, where he will be comfortable.

The importance of gaining knowledge in school is undervalued. All examples of situations at school over and over again will meet in the child's life. It is a necessary and valuable information in life. And how and what will he know about this situation will determine its outcome and consequences.

What relationship will be with classmates influence their future relationships with colleagues. From a relationship with someone who is like – relationship with the spouse.

All feelings, reactions, actions come from childhood and school time. Often similar situations occur in one and the same person almost the same. And the student, and in later ages it is difficult to fix anything, if you do not do it properly.