Independently perform the installation of such finishes is not always easy. It is important to accurately represent the sequence in which this work takes place.

Preparing the walls in the bathroom underneath the panels

Bathroom – a room with a rather difficult operating conditions. Therefore, without a preliminary preparation of walls do not succeed. When they removed the old finishes, you should see the surface. It may be a fungal infection that you want to delete. The affected areas are cleared mechanically, and then the base is treated with an antiseptic. Antiseptic composition will not allow further reappear fungus on the walls.

Frame Assembly for wall panels

In principle, to fix wall panel and special water-resistant glue. But there is a great danger that, over time, this finish will just drift away from the surface. Therefore, under the panel it is better to assemble the frame.

A good solution would be the installation of a frame of aluminum rails. But they are much harder to handle than wooden planks. Latest before installing the need to process the antiseptic composition. Reiki for the frame are positioned horizontally. For fixing use conventional screws which are driven in steps of 40 cm or less.

The panels on the bathroom walls

Now proceed to installation of the material. To the mount was more aesthetically pleasing, pre-in the corner of the room you can set the starting profile. But without it nice to place the panel will still work. The main thing that between them there remained no cracks. The mounting elements are screws or clamps. Each panel should be fastened to all rails of the frame, otherwise trim will not work reliable enough.

Installation of decorative elements

When the panels are fastened around the perimeter of the room, will only make the lining more spectacular. To this end, the angles are set of decorative additional trims, and at the junction with walls and ceiling and skirting boards. This finish will definitely make it aesthetically pleasing, and can protect the walls in the bathroom from various negative influences.