You will need
  • - Petunia seeds;
  • - wooden boxes with soil;
  • - napkin;
  • - plastic cups.
The first method of planting seeds of petunias are quite simple. When established warm comfortable weather, it's usually in mid-may, Petunia seeds are sown in the open ground.
If you use the second method to plant the plant should be in February. The ground for this you can prepare in the fall. Mix one part compost, one part garden soil and two parts sand. The soil put in wooden boxes and leave outside or on the balcony so it is well chilled. Somewhere in the beginning of January, the boxes must be put in heat.
In the fully melted and dried up the earth to plant Petunia seeds. On the surface of the soil make a small notch, pour them. Lay in these grooves strips of thin tissue paper. Gently press on them to the ground.
Wet a wooden stick lay out the stripes Petunia seeds in the pellets. This crop does not fill with earth, and lightly spray from a spray. Wooden crate with seedlings and cover with heavy plastic wrap.
Late winter is the best suited for growing petunias from seed, as many species grow very slowly, and the first flowering still have to wait.
Boxes with seedlings, put under a lamp in a room where the temperature will be 20-23 degrees. As soon as first true leaf (10-20 days), the film is clear and air seeding. Reduce the temperature to 13-15 degrees. When petunias receive a third leaf, the seedlings can be a bit to thin, if necessary.
Watering plants every 3-4 days. When the street set comfortable weather and will be held the night frosts, the flowers are planted in a permanent place. Take disposable plastic cups with holes. In the soil add the husks from buckwheat or millet. Planted in these cups Petunia will grow up healthy and strong.