The kid may feel anxiety, being, for example, in kindergarten, that wouldn't take it back, forget about the experiment. To seven years the fears are based on the instinct of self-preservation. In children aged 8-9 years, the fears are of a social nature. Such as loneliness, punishment and even fear of death. Should definitely pay attention if a child is worried about something that neither fear turned into a phobia.

If the baby is afraid of strangers, it is not necessary to persuade to greet the unfamiliar man or came to visit, immediately sent to play with children in a separate room. The child must get used to look around. Good prevention such fear is a visit to children's entertainment centers. Over time, the baby will get used to the crowded environment. It is important to praise the kid for his independence.

Another common childhood fear is the dark. Any shadow of the imagination of the kid turns into monsters. If the child is scared in a dark room, leave the room turn the light on or a night light. If the child has a fear of loud noises, it is necessary to explain their origin.

In any case, do not frighten the child. Not to scare all sorts of babaek, monsters, police. Children have a rich imagination, they immediately picture the scary images. This can only get more frightened toddler. This will lead to more fears which still have to fight you.

Explain to the child his fears, not for fear of shame, ridicule the child, even if adult they seem ridiculous. Always show your love for your baby.