Let her say

No mother in the world will not miss the opportunity to tell all about their children. Give this a chance-in-law, and suddenly you get some valuable points. Let him show the family photograph albums, tells the details of the childhood of your dear men.

Give her a sense of value

If you constantly show that her advice and wisdom don't need to successfully find a stubborn foe. Nothing will happen if you ask her a family recipe for sauce will make the dessert at lunch and ask why her flowers are growing so well."

We agree with her

With this tactic should be treated with caution, as with an explosive material. Conspire with her mother in law and tell each other funny stories about her son/your husband. Avoid, however, slander, or too many complaints. Mothers tend to take complaints about their children personally and to consider them as a sign that they are badly brought up.

Set boundaries

Beware of excessive friendship and try to keep your relationship within reasonable limits. If you start to turn to her "you", will give the key to your apartment so she can come at any time and without prior notice, it will be very difficult to bring back lost ground.

Follow the rules

Follow the simple principle that, your house your rules apply, and the territory mother-in-law, in turn, observe her habits. Keep your comments and views on her style of cooking, behavior or anything else.