The main qualities of a leader

First and foremost, the leader is able to objectively assess their capabilities, mistakes and ways of correcting them, to calculate the possible risks, to remain confident and calm in any situation.

True leaders never forget about self-development. Only the daily development ensures forward movement. You should regularly read books and interesting articles, besides the Internet enough lectures for free viewing on a variety of topics. It is worth to observe the achievements and work of people who deserve respect and recognition. It is recommended to study how they make decisions, what guided how you react in stressful situations.

Ways of becoming a leader

The most important feature of a leader is the preservation of individuality and personal qualities. Not worth it to pretend to be another person, on the contrary, it is necessary to objectively assess the presence of abilities, talent to develop and focus on them.

Should also identify the major disadvantages inherent character and behavior, to specify them and begin work on solving them. For this you need to look at ourselves from the point of view of strict criticism may also apply to close relatives or friends so they might have been able to identify the main problems. Prerequisite is an honest and sincere acceptance of his imperfections.

In addition to this, in order not to be disappointed and not throw in the beginning, is to write down daily successes, the small victories over themselves, to consider what the qualities of their achievement became possible and continue to improve them.

You should regularly maintain your confidence. Outsiders intuitively feel doubt, so you need not only to learn communication skills but also be confident in your choice of point of view, adhere to self-control, always look your partner in the eye. Also, you should, clearly and in a structured way to present your case.

In case of problems, you should not blame yourself, and the more other people or circumstances. It is objectively assess the situation and keep the peace, to consider possible solutions.

Thus, the leader is first and foremost a state of consciousness and a poise of the soul which can reach everyone.