Start developing confidence in yourself. Daily record all your accomplishments and looking for different solutions to problems that happen in your life path. For example, you can before bedtime to write in a notebook all the things you have achieved today and what happened is not entirely successful. This exercise will help open up weaknesses in your character and make a plan for self-development.
Learn to demonstrate your confidence to others. When talking, make sure that the voice was clear, smooth and moderately loud. Also check the content of your words (they should be no hint of hesitation, excessive softness and excessive excuses) and the position of the body. While communication look the interlocutor in the eye, keep your head straight and the shoulders relax a little.
Often cultivating leadership prevents fear. You must fight your fears and forget about the existence of such arguments as "in it for me" or "I just do not work", etc. Fear is a very powerful feeling, so you should start with small actions, for example, try to cook some delicious exotic dish, make yourself a fancy haircut or change your image.
Train yourself in not just the ability to make decisions, but you also have to consider what will be their consequences. To learn how to make better decisions, consider more options and what the advantages of each of them.
Constantly strive for self-development (in General and in the professional plan), the accumulation of life experience and baggage of versatile knowledge. Be observant and learn from those who have succeeded as a leader and worthy of respect. Read more and visit different cultural events.
Develop your skills – make new friends, as you communicate more with people. In the process of communication, you can gain new knowledge. In addition, gradually you will begin to produce important enough for the leader trait – the ability to understand the mood of the people and what they think.