Absolute dominance involves the refusal of listening to other people's opinions, because only your point of view should be the only right one. In the event of disputes and conflict situations not settle on any other terms but his own. You are not listening? Prove his innocence, shouting, even better, if you don't allow anyone to utter the words. Often give orders that others are accustomed to obey. If you follow all these instructions, you ... will be left alone and nothing but a terrible reputation, will not get.
Stop trying to confuse "dominate" and "be a respected person". Want your voice heard? Give advice only when it is asked for. The questions are answered firmly and to the point. As a rule, people tend to follow the opinions of those who have high status, financial worth or worldly wisdom. Please note that the first two types have weight only on the first and the last are important throughout life.
People tend to dominate, always appreciates their interests above others. Overall, it speaks about a strong ego. Representatives of this type can easily break any relationship, even with close friends, while the latter will try to save the relationship because they are her treasure. Before you declare absolute dominance, think whether you really want to do so with those who love you?
Dominance all imply "dirty" game because you have to demean other people and hit their weak spots, to put pressure on their inferiority complex and to openly demonstrate their own confidence. Although if you really think it's appropriate and even the most important in your life, then you fit to get rid of their complexes, you dream to fight for others.