Focusing on the details

Realize, finally, that your partner will analyze even your smallest gesture. So your involuntarily uttered a comment about new Secretary she will instantly appreciate. In addition, this ability can be used to their advantage. So, if I kiss her on the cheek or makes another small gesture, it will give you valuable points.

Perfect memory Is a scientific fact: women remember everything. The hippocampus takes up a larger percentage of the female brain (unlike men); by the way, this is an area where memories are formed. Thus, at the time, as you have trouble remembering the date of your first meeting, she will expect you to detail about what she was wearing and what you ate for dinner during the first date.

Romantic mood

Women are superior in verbal areas, and therefore they do not have problems when searching for the right words. Experts from McMaster University found that the female brain has a higher density of neurons in temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex, which is often associated with formation of speech and its understanding. This also explains why women pay speech so much attention and have a weakness for romantic moods.