Why do men maintain absolute cleanliness in their cars, but the house acting sloppy?
According to Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, who studies male and female brains, and wrote about the results of their research, a wide range of essays, a man's brain is better adapted to the mechanisms of perception, at that time, as the female is more focused on empathy. That's why men are so proud of their car, and women are trying to create a family comfort, including, among others, tidy house. Another explanation presented by the 2007 study conducted by British psychologists from Oxford. They argue that drivers male car perceived as an extension of themselves. Women are much more focused on his own body, so the car they see as a separate subject. So men take care of their car like about ourselves, but the sink in their kitchen full of dirty dishes, they did not interfere.

Why do men sleep with women who never want to see?
In this case, the researchers reminded of the old evolutionary theory that men are coded to "dissipation" of his seed, while women looking for a partner who will protect them and their child. May play a role and physical differences. According to Lisa diamond, Professor of psychology and gender studies at the University of Utah during sex (and especially during orgasm), the female brain is much more significant neurochemical processes than the male brain. This confirms biological anthropologist Helen Fisher: "hemisphere of the brain in men less connected than women. This leads men to ability to focus on one thing at a time, and focus on the goal, at that time, as the female brain process directly connects with the senses. Therefore, as a rule, they combine sex with love".