Men are very often deceived

Men more often cheat on their significant others than women. This is due to the fact that women are constantly waiting for your hero "exploits", it just needs them in order to love and respect her man. Great success to quickly achieve very difficult, therefore, to be admired, men have a little spice to their actions. The man is more inclined to accept the woman for who she is, why girls cheat less.


Most men don't like women's reproaches and resentment. He doesn't understand why the woman focuses on its failures, and not speaks of his good deeds. Also, it does not understand the requirements. Women usually say very vague: "a Little attention, warmth, etc." For men, these words mean nothing, they understand the specifics, they need to clearly explain their desires. They should know exactly what they want. Otherwise, they turn in on themselves and cease to act at all, because women's criticism discourage them, all desire to even try for a girl.

First in everything

Men just need to know that he is the chief, he is the winner. If he feels that the woman suppresses it, he will try faster to leave it. If a woman earns significantly more or behaves like a "man in a skirt," the man uncomfortable, and he would rather trade a successful lady, a nice housewife. So don't forget to praise your man, remember that it is very important for your score, often saying that he was not replaced, and without it you can not cope.

The knowledge of these small male secrets will make it more harmoniously to communicate with her man. Understand and like men, they will answer you in return.