Notice of discrepancy. You met online and exchanged emails. But are you entirely sure that writes you one and the same person? You asked the question, do not come to you messages from a group of joking teenagers?

To warn you should, for example, generalized and vague answers that are only slightly related to the topic of conversation. Suspicious also is the fact that in the course of communication is changing the writing style or grammar.

"Return on investment". Of course, if your online relationship reached a certain stage, and you give her enough information about his personal life, you expect that it will show you the same interest. In this case, your questions and answers must be balanced.

If she just asks, but doesn't give you any information about yourself, your questions are answered evasively, it is very suspicious circumstance. In addition, you should prevent changing the topic every time you are trying to learn more about her or arrange a meeting.

She wants money. You think that a stranger can send money only a fool? Professional fraudsters and scammers, however, have left a huge number of manipulative techniques and heartbreaking stories about dying children, which can save your contribution. As soon as she starts asking for money or sensitive personal information, immediately take your hands away. In this case, be very suspicious.