Pay attention to the questions that man asks you the most. If they somehow relate to your property, be wary. He may ask about where you live, whether you have a car, and if not, do you plan to buy it, whether you have rich parents and do they leave you an inheritance, etc.
If a man found out quite a lot about your property, try to casually inform him that, for example, you bought a loan and can't pay off the Bank. Look at the reaction of your interlocutor, try to notice changes in his behavior.
Talk about the importance of the marriage contract. Typically, scammers, after seeing the victim has no plans to part with his property and knows how to defend, losing interest in her.
Ask the man about his life and work. As a rule, marriage Scam are reluctant to talk about himself. Some of them claim that they even have their own business, but in Dating with a beautiful and attractive woman they can't think about work.
Check out the contact details of your admirer. Marriage scams in some cases prefer to change phone numbers and move from place to place. If a man persuades you ever go to your house, but you can't visit his apartment to be wary.
Ask a man to acquaint you with his relatives and try to introduce him to your parents and friends. Marriage scams avoid contact with the family of his victim, and try not to let her meet his family.
Pay attention to the behavior of its fan. If he's romantic, affectionate and witty, but at the same time constantly complaining about the hard life and tries to get your support, understanding and willingness to help, most likely, before you marriage swindler. He is attentive and obedient, a gentle read poetry, gives bouquets and paying compliments, but this is just a way to lull women.