You will need
  • computer
  • Internet
  • photos
For correspondence with new friends sign up for a separate mailbox. Thanks to the letters sent to your mail, you can learn which city and country living source. How true these he said about himself on the website and in personal communication.
Open the received email, go to its properties -
on the properties are located in the tab "More", then "system headers"
On click the "Properties of writing"
Properties letters
Opening the properties of letters in the string Received: from, search for the IP address is a unique identifier of a device connected to the Internet. The IP address looks like the recording of four numbers from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g.:
IP address
To obtain information about the IP address to the address validation, for example:
To do this, copy the IP address from properties of the email and paste into the field "check". Crook, leading correspondence with a single IP address can issue yourself for five, with different pictures and names.
website check IP addresses
Check out a picture of a new acquaintance. Scammers often arrogate to themselves the photos stolen from social networks or other Dating sites. Sent photos save to computer.
Upload photos to the search engine "Google images".
A Google search for photos
Search Google "Search by image" will give links to all similar pictures, their location and size.
Search result Google photo
If you have only a photograph on a Dating site, not a problem. Open a questionnaire, save the image by right click on the photo, select in the drop-down menu "Save as...".
If this is not possible, make a "Print Screen" screen by clicking in the upper right corner of the keyboard corresponding key.
Open the standard program edit drawings "Paint" and paste the image. Print Screen takes a snapshot of everything that is on the screen. Crop the photo to remove any excess.
The Print Screen Key