The most effective way to return to the face paint – straighten up

Improper posture is compressed blood vessels, blood and lymph circulate poorly, hence the unhealthy color of the skin on my face. Fix "senile" gait and the wrong tilt of the body, throw off ten years!

Changing the angry, guarded expression on trusting and joyful – open our eyes

The facial muscles are so weak that when a person frowns in frustration, frowns in anger, screwing up his eyes from envy, did not even notice how harmful wrinkles literally "grow" into his face, pouring ever weight, making the look heavy and dull. Force the eye muscles to move in the opposite direction!

Learn the tricks of the ears – doing the tightening for the face

The mobility of the ears – an indicator of the mobility of the muscles of the scalp. Trained and managed the muscles of the scalp are perfectly cope with the task: "Keep the face!" The simplest exercise for the mobility of the ears learn instantly, alaplaya whiskey on pieces of toilet paper and trying to throw them hands, and only actively moving ears. Do often drive in the tone of facial muscles!

Nosogubnyj with pleated handle, "building faces" to his reflection in the mirror

Inflate cheeks like drums, another and another, until the eye begins to bulge over, like a fish vualehvostki. There is no strength to endure? Say, "Du-u-u-u-o-o-ish!" slowly releasing the air through pursed this flute lips. Funny? Well, and laugh! Don't let to freeze the muscles in the nasolabial Department!

Workout for the face can be everywhere but remember that not all of you correctly understand. Practice shows that the results are always positive. Your main enemy – not age, but laziness and lack of positive!