Advice 1: How to pump up the muscles of the face

Every woman dreams of a beautiful figure. Slender legs and slim waist - it is perfect. However, little is to strengthen the muscles of the body. You should think about the person, because the drooping corners of the eyes, flabby cheeks and floated oval can spoil all impression. To maintain a person in shape, you can use simple exercises, which will give the face a fresh look and will help build up the muscles of the face.
Smile, and your face will be forever young
You will need
  • mirror, perseverance.
Look in the mirror and smile at her reflection. Hold a smile on your face. Then relax your muscles, tighten your lips and exhale air through the mouth, seeking the vibration of the lips. Such a relaxing exhalation finish each exercise.
Stand up and tighten the muscles of the abdomen as much as possible. Try to stretch the legs and buttocks. Raise your hands up, making a deep breath. Breathe in through your mouth, closed their teeth. Then slowly lower your arms and exhale. Exhale mouth, making his lips. Repeat this exercise at least four times.
Stand up, hands on hips. Look directly. Turn your head to the left, inhaling left corner of his mouth. Make an exhalation, returning to its original position. Then turn your head to the right, inhaling through the right corner of his mouth. Return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise at least four times.
Stand up, hands on hips. Make a 90-degree turn, simultaneously raising his hands. Inhale nose, exhale through your mouth. When you exhale, try to lighten up as much as possible. Repeat at least four times.
Stand up straight, straighten up. Breathe in through his nose, closing his eyelids. Exhale with your mouth, while straining folded tube lips and the muscles around the mouth. Repeat at least four times.
Stand up, put hands on hips and with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean back, simultaneously inhaling through the mouth. When you inhale lower the lower jaw. Return to starting position. Lean forwards, spreading his arms out to the sides. Exhale, raising the lower jaw. Repeat four times.
Stand up, put hands on hips and with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhaling, shift the lower jaw left or right. Exhale, bring the chin in the usual position. Repeat at least four times.
Stand up, put hands on hips and with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale through your teeth and around the corners of the mouth. Exhale, lowering the lower jaw. Repeat at least four times. Do exercises for the face every day and you will look amazing.
Useful advice
Exercises, follow the posture.
The room where the lesson must be well ventilated. After class, drink a Cup of green tea.

Advice 2 : How to pump up the cheeks on the face without surgery

Often rapid weight loss leads to the fact that the face loses its clear contours, gutter and visually looks older. It also happens that slender girl has chubby cheeks, which are not removed by any diet. To pump up the cheekbones without surgery, you must daily perform a simple set of exercises.
How to pump up the cheeks on the face without surgery
Anyone who dreams of expressive cheekbones and slim aristocratic oval, will help exercises for the relief of the face. Like any muscles, cheekbones you need to swing gradually, slowly increasing the load.

Complex every day

Exercises should be done twice a day – morning and evening. This facial gymnastics will take minimum time, but it will bring significant results.

To get rid of signs of fatigue on the face, take a deep breath, concentrating in cheeks. The face should resemble a tight balloon. Lips while tightly, palms are on his cheeks, the fingertips touch the ears. Now you need to press your hands on his cheeks, not letting the air out of his mouth.

Folded his lips and press your tongue to the cheek inside, as if stretching the muscles. To keep her mouth would not open. Stretch cheeks in turn for 30 seconds. Exercise stretches the muscles of the face.

This exercise, like the previous one. Only now, her cheeks stretched from the inside not the tongue but the mass of air collected in the mouth.

Now you need to slightly open mouth, pulling the lips to the teeth. Put your hands on his cheeks and lightly hold hands in upward direction. Lips and cheeks are tense all the time. Run, while the facial muscles are tired.

Lay your thumb over his cheek and force the muscles to lift it up. Finger constantly to create resistance.

A detailed complex

Inflate the cheeks without surgery will help two exercises from complex bodyflex. The first is called "lion." You must stretch your lips so that they resembled the small letter "O". And the eye roll, looking up and over the top. At the same time to stretch the face in different directions – forehead and upper cheeks to pull to the ceiling, and the lower jaw and lips to the floor. To keep her mouth would not open.

The second exercise "Grimace". Standing straight, push the lower jaw forward to repartition, throw back his head, and his lips pull up, as if kissing the ceiling. Shoulders during exercise you need to drop down.

Complicated facial gymnastics is complemented by exercises on endurance. You want to pull the corners of the mouth and muscles in the direction of the ears so that exposed more teeth. The forehead not wrinkle. To sit straining muscles of the cheeks, until they ache.

Now take a pencil and hold it between the upper lip and nose. For some time, yet have the strength to walk to the object, carrying out other exercises or household chores. Each day increase the duration of exercise.
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