Skirt – the most feminine clothing that allows you to draw attention to chiseled legs and slim waist. A wide range of skirts allows you to find the best option for women of any age and with any type of shape. But whatever skirt – long or short, curvy or narrow, plain or decorated with a pattern, you must correctly pick up her sweater, blouse or top.

Tops for long skirts

Long skirts give a feminine flair. Such skirt – lush or strong – keep a veil of mystery, various styles allow you to find solution for slim or full members of the fairer sex.

When choosing a top to a long skirt, you must remember that this garment can be safely combined with short tops, t-shirts or blouses. Same long sweaters, cardigans or tunics with long models should wear only if hips are curvy, when there is no purpose to draw attention to the characteristics of the shape.

Strict long skirts require complex, top, it may be blouses with a frill or ruffle, original jackets with belts. If the model is lush, with lots of ruffles, folds, "ragged" hem or neckline, you must find the fitted top. For example, the short-sleeved top, corsage.

Tops for short skirts

Mini, pencil or Tulip, the sun flare – the most popular styles of short skirts require careful selection when selecting top. Short models require the most closed of the body at the top, no plunging neckline or cut out back. With a easy to slip over the edge of vulgarity. But a bold top to match with short skirt.

With a short skirt always successfully combined rigorous or romantic blouses, tucked in his belt. Stylish look and ensembles with long coats. And the waist can emphasize a beautiful belt.

The short skirts there are nuances. Lush model-Tulip elegant will look in combination with a fitted top, but the pen, on the contrary, requires blouses with voluminous details. Skirts-flared and trapeze are considered to be the most versatile style, but if the bright bottom, the top it is necessary to find a solid and concise.

Despite the existing "skirt" the rules, when trying on new clothes be sure to experiment before the mirror and try to pick any model from several solutions. This will allow you to wear your favorite skirt on weekdays, parties or celebrations.