Often say that coffee increases blood pressure. True that this drink causes hypertension. Of course, if you abuse coffee people already sick with hypertension, indicators of blood pressure may be higher than normal, but only slightly, only because caffeine, trapped in the body, maintains the pressure at a level familiar to humans, preventing decrease. This is why coffee is not recommended to drink for pregnant ladies.

At the same time coffee has a slight diuretic property, therefore, may lead to a slight decrease in pressure. If to speak about hypotension, then again, coffee may raise blood pressure to the norm, but no more.

In that case, if the person does not suffer hypotension or hypertension, coffee, especially natural, can only benefit. In coffee beans contain such useful materials as minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates. For improving performance, increasing concentration and improving memory is that caffeine, the main component of coffee.

A common misconception is to believe that the frequent consumption of coffee leads to discoloration of tooth enamel. This is not true, the color of the teeth depends primarily on the condition of the teeth. The claim that coffee can cause insomnia, rather contradictory. It depends on the characteristics of a human being. Someone after a Cup of coffee feels a surge of strength, and someone on the contrary relaxing.

To the beneficial qualities of coffee could be considered such as improving reproductive function in men, prevention of a number of diseases, e.g., Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart attack, asthma, migraine, cirrhosis of the liver. Helps with diseases of the nervous system, infectious diseases, vascular spasm, digestive problems.

Negative qualities include such as addiction and therefore addiction, the abuse of possible excessive stimulation, in the presence of certain diseases may be caused by damage to blood vessels and heart. From the human body are washed away nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Hardly any other product causes so much controversy about its benefits and harms at the same time, but that does not stop coffee enticing us with her wonderful aroma and heavenly taste.