Where the norm?

There is an opinion that regular consumption of coffee causes addiction. This is probably the only myth in one voice to refute the experts. Dependence implies a constant increase in "dose". In Coffeemania is no insatiable desire to consume as a lot of the drink. Therefore, depending on personal needs and characteristics of the organism, each intake has its own.

It is believed that a day without harm to health can not drink more than 2 cups of coffee. This refers to a standard Cup of filter coffee without milk, and so Those who use more are doctors in the risk zone.

The threat in a coffee Cup

Doctors do not recommend to abuse of coffee drinks to people suffering from insomnia, renal failure and diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is not recommended to drink coffee people with high blood pressure.

In addition, coffee lover with a predisposition to joint diseases should minimize the consumption of drink. In a large number of caffeine leaches calcium from the body that in the future could trigger arthritis.

Only a person with a healthy stomach can afford to drink a Cup of coffee on an empty stomach. In people with a predisposition to gastritis, this meal can lead to worsening of the disease.

Coffee lovers should know that the acidic environment created by the drink in the mouth, and causes spread of caries. It is therefore wise to rinse mouth after each use of the beverage, and however apply a remineralizing gel.

Coffee – the cure

Coffee is a strong stimulant of the nervous system, which explains the famous awakening effect of the drink. If you drink a Cup of coffee in the morning, so it is possible to increase the performance, concentration and attentiveness. However, after 2.5 hours the effect disappears.

In reasonable doses, coffee is recommended to drink at intensive brain activity. Caffeine greatly increases blood flow to the brain, which makes it easier to cope with the intellectual work and increase overall health. Contained in flavored drink "happiness hormone" – serotonin is able to improve the psycho-emotional state and to dispel the Blues.

Doctors recommend to drink a small amount of coffee people with low blood pressure. This allows you to quickly recover and feel better, however, for a short period.

In addition, as shown by recent scientific studies, caffeine has a positive effect on the process of breakdown of fats in the body. Thus, moderate consumption of coffee helps fight gall-stone disease.

Doctors often recommend to introduce a refreshing drink in the diet of patients who are on duty faced with radiation exposure. Surprisingly, coffee increases the body's defense against radiation.