Hilling potatoes is an important procedure, without which it is impossible to get a decent crop (provided, that potatoes planted in the ground, not the straw). Many novice gardeners interested in the question of whether or not to Spud the potato and not to remain without a crop? The answer is simple: Yes, potatoes aren't Spud, but the yield is highly affected, you will be able to collect 40 percent less than it would have collected if Spud culture. Regarding the timing of hilling, then there is no exact date. First time hilling potatoes when the foliage reaches a height of five to seven centimeters, as well as the growth of foliage depends on the weather, cultivar and soil moisture, in each region these terms your.

It is worth noting that many growers Spud potatoes three times per season, if you are going to carry out this procedure three times, then for the first earthing up (loosening) start when the shoots appear three piece, the second a few weeks later, the third - 40-45 days.

How to hill potatoes for the first time

Hilling potatoes - creating heaps of earth around crops that help maintain the desired humidity in the soil. In addition, during hilling loose soil, and due to the created "mound increases the area of growth and feeding roots. Choose a cool day or evening, get rid of the weeds in the garden. If you plant potatoes by hand, and Spud plants only manually, using the special tool (a hoe or Hiller). If you have planted potatoes of Dutch varieties, then take a hoe and gently Pogrebite the ground around each Bush from the bottom up (when sprinkle the tops fully ground). Other varieties of potatoes Spud to first leaves.