Lip skin is very delicate, so it requires special care, moisturizing and cleansing. Spend every day massage of the lips with a toothbrush. This process will cleanse the skin of dead cells and increase blood flow. Then apply on the skin honey, it will complement the lips with nutrients. Also very useful curd mask with cream. 20 minutes after applying it you need to wash and apply on lips hygienic lipstick. In winter to protect lips from wind, and in summer from drying out.

Using the recommendations of beauticians, it is possible to enhance the lips in a domestic environment. With the help of lip pencil, you can increase the lips visually. For this purpose it should be applied slightly going over the lip outline. Makeup suggest to use light shades of lipstick. If a white pencil to trace the outline, and then shade, to cover Foundation and apply glitter, then the volume will increase. Makeup artists recommend the use of many colors of lipstick. To the corners and edges of your lip cause darker shades, and in the center light.

To make the lip plumpness and tone, you should regularly do exercises labial muscles. This will put the lips forward and say the vowels to be maximally involved the entire surface of the lips. Strongly squeeze the lips, and then abruptly relax. This exercise will help develop muscles of lips and increase the blood flow to them.

If the effect of these procedures does not suit you, you have to take the help of experts. The first method is injections of hyaluronic acid. It gives cells the property to attract water. Hyaluronic acid is absolutely not dangerous to humans. The disadvantage is that the substance is resorbed about a year and so the procedure is repeated again.

Another option to augment the lips is the introduction of the cells of fat taken from the patient. This procedure in most cases does not require repetition. But still, there is a likelihood that you will need to do it again. This is due to the fact that cells can not survive. As a result, the skin may appear lumpy.

If these procedures are not suitable for you, you can take the help of plastic surgery. In this case, in the mouth an incision is made and implants are placed. After the surgery left scars that are not very noticeable. Remember, the operation may not produce the desired result.