But you can ask another question: which vegetable contains the highest amount of nutrients? This question requires careful analysis of human biochemistry, which is no easy task. Because the human body is not fully understood.

All the vegetables can be divided into appropriate categories of utility, regardless of their natural component.

The first category includes seasonal vegetables. Everyone knows that the most useful vegetables are ripe vegetables. The faster maturing vegetable, the more it is useful. Imported seasonal vegetables also can not be excluded, despite the fact that they may contain chemicals. Although the winter season imported vegetables are not much different from regional. During long-term storage of local vegetables not only lose all its beneficial qualities, but also deteriorate.

The second category includes vegetables, exposed to a thermal treatment. There is a misconception that when boiling vegetables lose a lot of vitamins, does not change their mineral composition. In fact, cooking destroys vitamins and minerals. With proper preparation, you can save some amount of biologically active elements, but they will not be able to produce the expected benefits to human.

The third group are the taste preferences of vegetables. If the body lacks any substance, there is a desire to eat a particular product. Therefore, the most useful is the fruit that present pull. Iron deficiency causes a desire to eat an Apple, a plum or a pomegranate; with a shortage of iodine like seafood, asparagus. To the last point include the vegetables that contain chlorophyll is a pigment produced by the plant in the absorption of solar energy. In other words it's a piece of the sun in the plant. High amounts of chlorophyll contained in green vegetables: parsley, onions, dill and others.

These four measures reveal the nutritional value of each vegetable. The conclusion is that the vegetables are gifts of nature, containing a huge amount of macronutrients, vitamins and amino acids. Each vegetable is differently useful. It is important to listen to your body, which will tell us exactly what vegetable at the moment is for him the most useful.