Buy women can take for different reasons. Let's try to understand them. Some are just obsessed with the passion of a Shopaholic and buy a disproportionately large number of the things that attracted them in the store, even if they are this cute lady is absolutely not necessary.

The other type of women is able to keep the store sane. They very carefully consider and choose the items of clothing, are "customers" not the best for the store, often leaving empty-handed. There are women who buy underwear from wholesale.

And there are those women who purchase exclusively fashion brands and are always trying to keep up with the whims of fashion. But almost every shopper visits a clothing store, guided by a very simple reason. And the reason is that the woman is, as always, "absolutely nothing to wear" even if its a closet full of various dresses and costumes. This can lead many men into confusion. But they need to remember that the woman is always right. Indeed, in her closet can be a beautiful blouse, but it does not fit into any one suit. Or there is a lovely silk skirt, but the jacket for it does not exist. This number incomplete sets will purchase new things that fit.