Polyethylene is water-resistant, chemical resistance and gas impermeability. The film is made with the addition of various stabilizers, due to which it can have different properties, such as thickness, color and strength factor. Water-resistance and elasticity of the product allows its use in non-food areas. Film is one of the most versatile materials used for packaging.

There is a special shrink wrap that is very relevant in the construction function - shrinkage when exposed to temperature. It is the basis for the production of stretch ceilings. Applies shrink film and packaging. The result of the shrinking film takes the form of products, tightly fitting close it, thus protecting the product from environmental factors. Shrink film is used for group packaging, due to its density small parts can be easily fasten together, allowing for easy loading and transportation. This film can be monolayer or multilayer.

The multi-layer film has superior qualities. Also polyethylene of different densities are used in agriculture, and in the process of repair and construction works. In the construction of plastic products are used as waterproofing in Foundation works and vapor barrier for insulation of attics. When repairs film itself thinner cover the furniture and floors. Suppliers of films is constantly expanding its range of products and always take care to ensure that product is delivered on time.