First Bulgaria is famous for its beaches and resorts. Nessebar, Golden Sands, Sozopol is not just an empty name, as known to a wide range of tourist resorts. Here, everyone can regain their strength to swim in the sea or simply sunbathe on the coast.

Resorts, which is rich in the Bulgarian black sea coast, offer a wide range of services. This is and improv, and relaxing mud baths, and pure Bulgarian air. Well, for those who need to eliminate the effects of stress, perfect balneotherapy or spa-salons.

Another feature of Bulgarian travelers are the local natural parks populated by rare species of animals. But for travelers who do not like to spend their time Hiking, Bulgaria offers to sit in any local cafe. They all harmoniously blend with the Mediterranean architecture of the resort towns.

If you go to Bulgaria at a certain time, you can visit the lush Valley of Roses. There grows a lot of various varieties of roses, different color, and aroma.

But not only in summer but in winter Bulgaria is a leading European resort, offering visitors a variety of ski resorts.