But is it possible to create such a content that can attract not dozens, not even hundreds of visitors to the site, and the whole thousand? If you look at the popular video hosting YouTube, there are such videos that are able to gain millions of views within a month and without the use of some techniques of advertising. These videos relate to viral content. If you use such content to promote the project, you can quickly get the recognition of audience with minimum investment.

The beauty of viral content is that a video or publication disseminated on the Internet on the principle of word of mouth. That is, the people themselves tell of the content to their friends and acquaintances, engaging the audience. Popularity is growing very quickly, which is very attractive for most businesses and webmasters. There is no need to spend money on advertising, don't have hard to buy links or blog posts, don't need to order contextual advertising. All you need is to place the right content in the right place.

And here lies the main problem. The fact is that creating such content is extremely difficult. Usually even those people who are creating viral content is impossible to achieve such outstanding results is not always. It is not enough just to create the right content, but also should properly present.

Strong emotions can cause a content that compromises someone well known, is challenging the accepted foundations or in person to someone, maybe it's just something unusual, something no one ever did. To obtain such information is extremely difficult and therefore viral content to do is not so easy. Besides, if it is wrong to do it, you will encounter a very strong and unwanted criticism.

However, sometimes even criticism helps to unwind. The goal of viral content is to attract attention and to provoke an active debate in society. If the criticism too, it is possible not to be cautious and to challenge society. The main thing that was the reaction.