Why advertising in social networks does?

In the hands of an experienced social network marketer is one of the most effective tools of advertising promotion products and services. Primarily because social networking is incredibly popular. So, the largest in the Russian online social network Vkontakte gathered daily audience of 60 million users, and Facebook – over 700 million.


In addition, social network users voluntarily indicate on their pages all the important information about themselves: gender, age, place of residence, marital status, etc. This gives you the opportunity without significant financial cost and effort to conduct a highly effective marketing research and, most importantly, to display advertising to their target audience. If an advertiser wants his banner only saw young mothers living in the Moscow region – it will be so.


How to advertise in social networks?

In order to make advertising as effective as possible, it is important to choose the most suitable method of product promotion. Placing ads in social networks, marketers have to choose from: for some purpose the best is guerrilla or viral marketing, to other – advertising banners pay per number of impressions or conversions.


Everything you need in order to advertise in social networks – is the presence of an account on the corresponding website, and registration in the most popular networks free and not time consuming. Immediately after registration you can start an advertising company. Technically it's easy: every website has a page with detailed step by step instructions.

So, for advertising Vkontakte it is necessary to click on the link "Advertising" at the bottom of the page. The user will be prompted to choose the type of advertising: targeted ads, advertising search the communities or special offers in games. Enter the address of the advertised site or page, upload an advertising banner, to describe the product and also target audience that will see advertising.

This is one of the most difficult and critical moments, after all, how accurately and adequately defined the target audience to a large extent depends on the success of the entire advertising campaign. VKontakte allows you to specify gender, age, country and city of residence, education, interests and other parameters, determines the range of people who will see the ad. When all necessary data is entered, it remains only to transfer the funds to the account and the ad will be seen by thousands of potential customers.

Create ads in other social networks does not differ from this procedure, Vkontakte. The only caveat: in some cases, the advertiser will need knowledge of the English language, as not all social networks Russified this service.