To earn on the group Vkontakte, it is necessary to actively promote. According to statistics, the first income groups, the overall theme appears when the number of participants is not less than 50 thousand people. In more specialized associations — from 20 thousand. And to attract people will not in all groups, the attendance depends on the choice of the topic.
Popular topics for groups Vkontakte. In 2013, was the actual group with quotes, jokes. They gained an audience of a million people in a matter of months. But today there was too much. To get to the leading ten is almost impossible, and therefore attempts to compete should leave. If in the TOP 10 are only one million — this topic is not relevant for beginners.
Related topics. In the subject group it is convenient to combine several directions. Of course, they should not be contradictory. For example, spirituality can be combined with psychology. The use of two themes in the title will help to go in the top two queries. And now these public be in good position, although a couple of years ago, they were always below the thematic groups. Cooking good complete with tricks of home improvement, crafts gardening and so on.
Narrow subject. The more narrow the niche is chosen, the less will be the competition. The number of competitors having determined easily by typing the name into search. For example, "separation of power" - a total of 84 groups. And the leader of a little less than 11 thousand participants. Around it for a couple of months is not difficult. And interesting recipes will help to make the public and exciting for readers and for advertisers.
Target topics for groups Vkontakte. Today's advertisers know that it is more efficient to place the posts, not in large auditoriums, and specialized. They will give more result, will lead the right customers. For example, spare parts for Nissan car it is better to advertise in the community dedicated to this car, and not in groups that are dedicated to cars in General. That is why you should think — who are your potential customers. Knowing them, understanding their needs, you can make a quality public, his income will be much higher than that of the twentieth century, even at 100 thousand subscribers.
Group of fans of the TV series and programs. Around the world every month there are new series or transfer. And they will discuss and look at. And communities dedicated to them, will quickly rise in the search. For example, 2 weeks ago released a new series — Heartbeat. On Russian it was translated in different ways- palpitations Il bleeding-heart. And immediately after the premiere there was the first group. Today, they are still not too big, but after a couple of months the number of subscribers will grow significantly. But you can create groups in advance, because of the premieres learn easily for many months.
Regional themes for social networking. A couple of years ago a group of cities developed very quickly. They are relevant for advertisers who are working in a particular region. But today, a lot of them, so it requires great efforts for development. But then you can play with themes of: love in this city, Dating there, the flea market of the village, promotions and discounts in N. of Course, to attract people, have to find useful content. But potential advertisers in the future will have plenty.
Interesting topics for groups Vkontakte. Pick a topic — this is only the beginning. If you focus only on profit, it is likely that the process quickly get bored. 95% of all public servers do not generate income, because the admins get tired promote, the topic ceases to interest. So you need to find something that will really be relevant, fresh and entertaining for the Creator, and then in 3-6 months first profit will definitely appear.