When you visit the resort travelers are often surprised by the abundance of spas, hotels and restaurants as well as shopping centers and other leisure areas. In Antalya you can go with their children. There are plenty of amusement parks and attractions, water Park and Dolphinarium. Everyone who visits here will find something to your liking.

Antalya is famous for its numerous souks, malls, shops. Women are happy to come here for shopping. The prices here, as you know, democratic. For this reason, anyone can find the products at affordable price range.

Antalya is a combination of features of the ancient city and modern architecture. Old markets stand side by side with tall skyscrapers. On roads with modern cars go carts pulled by donkeys. Due to this, the atmosphere in Antalya is unique.

The resort has its own private airport. Due to this, tourists easily get to your hotel after disembarkation from the plane.

Antalya is a great place for outdoor activities. You can easily find here school for extreme sports enthusiasts. Here you will learn the techniques of Windsurfing, jet skiing on and so forth. Professional instructors will be ready to help you if you are addicted to fishing. The resort has many amazing places where we can gather a good catch.

Thus, the trip to Antalya will give you an unforgettable experience. At the same time, this journey will not hit your wallet.