How to choose a heater on the balcony

That this choice was correct, you should be familiar with the properties of each material, is presented on the market. From the thermal insulation material directly determines the possible flow rate and the heat savings. If you do not wish for your account to warm the street, you should approach responsibly to question of the insulation of the balcony. The stitches should be good to close with sealant. After that, it will be possible to start work on the insulation.

All major work must be done outside. Due to this, in the cold season here will not be condensed. In addition, the area inside the balcony will be able to save money.

There are many parameters on which to focus. For insulating material have value characteristics such as:

  • water vapor permeability
  • the thermal conductivity
  • waterproofing
  • weight
  • sustainability
  • resistance to fire

Among all these characteristics the first place of importance is the thermal conductivity. It directly points to the ability to retain heat, which is characteristic for a particular material. What is meant by the density of the material? This is the weight that falls on each cubic meter of insulation. The design of the balcony can have the different weight, depending on the density of the insulator. That is why it is advisable to give preference to lightweight materials that didn't place an additional burden.

Insulation features a huge variety in the construction market today. Which of them are suitable for thermal insulation of balcony? Here's the list:

  • polystyrene
  • mineral wool
  • the Styrodur
  • heat insulation material is laid

We will try to describe the most common insulators.

Varieties of insulating materials for balcony

Heat insulation material is laid

Is a multilayer material. Structure and thickness of polyethylene foam in it may vary. Another component, which is included in its composition, is foil. Heat insulation material is laid has a relatively small thickness. She comes to a few millimeters. This material is able to serve as an alternative to 100 millimeters of mineral wool insulation. Heat insulation material is laid is suitable for use on walls and ceilings and on the floor. The main positive quality of a material is its ability to reflect around 97% of heat. The working temperature of the heat insulation material is laid offer a wide range. Easily able to mount. The material is available in the construction market at a relatively low price.

Polyurethane foam

Among all materials used for insulation of balcony is considered one of the best options. Is environmentally friendly. Characterized by a low degree of Flammability. These characteristics are very useful when staying on the first floor. The mounting material is a somewhat unusual method - coating. The advantage of polyurethane foam is the lack of need for additional fasteners. The material is able to quickly congeal. Perfectly secured on all surfaces with the exception of film and water.