The advantages of lining

Finishing balcony or loggia traditional siding can give it an attractive appearance, creating a cozy nook. Decorated with natural wood balcony can become a favorite place of rest, a symbol of domestic comfort. For finishing is better to use battens of softwood, because it is the most resistant to rotting material. Contained in this wood resin has good antibacterial properties, but even this material requires additional treatment. If the owner wants to retain the decorative finishing material, it is necessary to apply additional protective coating.

How to choose a coating for lining

The choice of coating for wood depends on many factors, the main of which – the conditions in which the tree will be in the process of operation. On glazed and insulated balconies lining is less exposed to sunlight and temperature changes, which allows the use of more economical materials for processing. The outdoor balcony decorative wood trim will require additional protection from moisture and UV rays, otherwise, the wood will quickly darken, lose aesthetic appearance and space in the near future will require a new repair.

For wood you can use antiseptics of different categories, oil or alkyd paints, varnishes. Especially popular among consumers are acrylic paint, acrylic aqualani (water-based), special wax, water-based, alkyd paints and some other modern materials. To make the timber antiseptic properties and different shades simulating valuable breeds of wood, you can use a special primer containing a protective wax. At the request of owners, you can use tinting materials, hides or accentuates the texture of wood, and the wax makes the primer easy, prevents stains and smudges.

For interior or insulated balconies is sufficient two-layer surface treatment with protective wax oil, while the elements of a balcony or window frames, susceptible to external influences will also need to cover special frost-resistant varnish with UV filters. In this case, the resistance is maintained up to 8-10 years, the wood does not lose its quality does not deteriorate and its spectacular original form.

Decorative coating of the lining does not require complex care. To the balcony for a long time kept its appeal, it is necessary to periodically wipe the paneling with a damp sponge and once in two or three years to refresh the wax or acrylic coating.