Every mother of younger pupils are probably faced with the problem of Breakfast. How to feed child who has not yet woken up properly? And whether, if in the morning he did not go?

Need. Breakfast is definitely needed in order to feed the brain before training loads, and in order to get the necessary vitamins and minerals, and prevention of obesity. Before school Breakfast else you need to survive, and in some places the school Breakfast and not happy, it is tasteless, and the kids don't eat it – and you have to think of something nice to feed the baby, he survived until lunch, thinking about studying, not about the muffin from the buffet. No Breakfast, the child will Wake up on the way to school hungry in the first lesson, and will be hungry to big change.

What to give a child a Breakfast that the food has benefited from and liked him?

· Cereal. If your child loves cereal, you're in luck. Options cooking now there are many, even if no time at all. A great way – porridge in a slow cooker – you need only spend a few minutes in the evening. Another option: wrapped up the evening buckwheat, washed and drenched with boiling water. In the morning it will be crumbly and delicious. To cereals are even healthier, you can add a little steamed dried fruit, fresh berries, or flax seeds. Finally, of semolina can be the evening to do the pudding. To do this, cook a thick porridge and put it in small cups or molds, which before moistened with cold water. In the morning, the pudding needs to put the molds on a plate. Serve this pudding with fresh berries, but you can jam out of pureed berries – tasty and healthy.

· Casseroles are another great way to feed your child before school. Very good variant – sweet cheesecake "in the garden". But you can offer your child other options: meat or vegetable casseroles, or krupniki of my favorite cereals.

· Fruit salad or fruit slices. Cut your favorite fruits baby, fill them with fruit yogurt or sour cream and pour your favorite Cup of yogurt or milk. Very useful to add a bit of steamed raisins and dates.

Finally, a very important supply of food. The usual porridge will seem tastier if you put on your favorite plate, and a plate to put on a fun napkin. These wipes can be several to lay it on the table for a second. Beautiful table setting will help to set the mood – and Breakfast, and therefore the entire day will be a great success.