Cost netbooks are somewhat lower than the cost of many laptops with better specifications. This is due to restrictions imposed by the netbook to use the software – for example, the device to run the new computer games or CPU intensive programs.

The cost of the netbook depends on your needs. A good device from MSI, ASUS or Acer you can buy for a price that will not exceed $350. Each of these devices has approximately the same characteristics (2 or 4 GB of RAM, dual-core processor) and will be able to successfully perform the required user task.
If you want to buy a device with dust-proof case and a more productive filling, you will have to pay for the device is about $500.


Depending on the tasks you plan to perform on the laptop will vary and requirements to components of the device. How much would cost a laptop computer will depend on its performance.

For office applications, graphics editing applications, video processing, and most games you will have to pay for a device with an i3 processor and discrete graphics card with memory of 1 GB, which will take the burden of processing complex graphical elements. The device must have RAM at least 4GB. The price of this laptop will start at $550 and end with $800, which will be the device a class above. These laptops will be able to show improved performance when working with the system and start the game.


The cost of a good tablet PC on the market of modern mobile devices can vary. The average price of a portable device that has sufficient performance for stable implementation of all required user tasks, will be approximately $500 and above.
For lovers of good Windows tablet would have cost $550. New iOS device will cost about $600 is the price for iPad 4 with the availability of slots for SIM and memory of 16 GB.

For the money you can buy a device known company (Samsung or ASUS). The device will stand two - or Quad-core processor with memory 2 GB built-in hard drive 32 or 64 GB and an additional GPU. The device will be powered by the Android OS.