When a person wears a "piece" things that not everyone dares to wear (and the thing can be both foreign, and domestic), this suggests that this complex and on an intellectual level there may be conflicts. Personality and intelligence of such people is clearly manifested and they are not compatible with stereotypes. This kind of people in reserve too many moves, and to beat them, it will take serious effort.

Much easier to deal with a person by the clothes which it is possible to calculate that for how many bought, how much a person receives. In this case we can speak about the style conditionally select the role (in my life) - apparel it is easy to determine the nationality of the person, his social group. Such people are more predictable.

Difficult group to understand are the people who like and dress decently, but mixed styles and periods. This style of clothing produces a man ready to do anything for certain things (fashion victim).

People running, disharmonious and unkempt, who allows himself to walk around in wrinkled clothes, and even with spots, warns about some advanced crisis. Perhaps this is the case when a person is not to the world, as he is busy with his inner feelings, or he had finally given up and refuses to take care of themselves, especially about clothes.