Psychologists proved that the color of the clothes can show what mood the person, shared traits, and even how people behave in sex.

White is the color of innocence, no wonder wedding dresses are white. This color is associated with celebration, success, kindness. People who prefer to dress in white are usually open, with a gentle nature and ability to listen. White color is neutral color and it is often preferred by people with different traits.

Black color can simultaneously Express two types of character. The first can be attributed to people, confident, successful business. So people inherent rigor and even dryness in the communication. The second type of "men in black" is the opposite of the first type. On the contrary, they do not believe in yourself, believe that life is over and I see in her only the dark side.

Red is the color of passion and courage. People who prefer red clothes very ambitious, love communication, fun. This color shows a man flirting and adventure. These people like to take risks and show yourself to others. This bright color attracts the attention and excites the imagination. The person timid and shy red color can be seen very rarely, only under the action of a particular sentiment.

Yellow is the color of the sun! The color of lightness and joy. People who prefer this color, artistic and confident. Among them are many creative and gifted people. But also, such people tend to selfishness, and high ambition.

Blue and blue is color balanced and cool people. They are often modest, old-fashioned and vulnerable. Lovers of this color are preferred a calm and balanced atmosphere in the house.

Green symbolizes peace and balance. Is the color of hope, optimism and nature. People in green workaholics who are able to get along with everyone. They love to enjoy life, but not forgive betrayal.

In General, no matter what color or prevailed in the wardrobe, you can always change the mood and make life more colorful and bright!