The first problem: the easy availability of alcohol and other psychotropic substances

The first problem is drugs and alcohol. According to opinion polls, every second student has a drink occasionally, and even worse, doing it every weekend or even more often. Also there are young people who use drugs and other questionable substances that, in their opinion, make their internal state happier and brighter. With age these people recover from addiction, realizing his mistake of youth, and if you do not have time to realize it, you die.

Students understand the harm the first problems there is a problem with Hobbies. Many modern students have nothing better to do in your free time.

Problem two: financial dependence on the older generation

Relevant for today's youth remains the problem of financial support. Have to look for work for getting livelihood. Often, vacancies on a future profession is almost there, but if there is, they consider of the candidates, alas, only with experience. And how do the students experience. Here and earn young people are either car wash or McDonald's.

Problem the third: the pursuit of leisure and only leisure

Another social problem of modern students is the pursuit of leisure, which is too exaggerated. Often young people do not want to evolve, to attend educational training, or to enhance spiritual and cultural development. Absolutely, many have forgotten about the theater, libraries, and some even about the movie.

Being fond of computer games and virtual communication, many of our young contemporaries began to forget about the present. That, too, is true to the topical problems of the modern student. The General culture of behavior says about the decline of morals of the young population, which is closely connected to the previous problem. Our government strongly supports the current students in the form of various actions and events, but it did not solve financial problems, not to mention other. It reminds of one joke: previously, students studied and worked, and now work and learn. Perhaps with time these problems solved. But let tomorrow be better, to begin to correct today's mistakes have yesterday.