Reading in Russia is no longer fashionable. According to statistics, young people today rarely appears in the libraries, and if takes literature, only that which is included in the educational program.Now Teens don't have to study books as widely available provided a brief retelling of any classic works. For a short period of time, you can learn the basic essence of any book, to then start engaging in your favorite activities. In addition, join the army of fans of audiobooks that you can listen to at any convenient time. The text of the audiobooks are read by professional speakers, so dive in to the world of literature with them very interesting. Not to say that young people today do not read at all. A lot of information they read on the Internet. Young people reading blogs, studying social network pages, various sites and forums. Some teenagers read e-books. The advantage of virtual books is that they can print out, explore with monitor or to download to your mobile phone. E-books are an excellent modern alternative to paper. In addition, you can read them for free and from the comfort of home. The main reasons for the dislike of today's youth to read according to sociologists, is the acceleration of the rhythm of life and the adoption of the Russian people of the Western mentality. In our age of computerization characterized by the common desire of society to optimize time and costs. People tend to do everything quickly, so now movies are more relevant books. As for current ideals, cultural and spiritual values yielded the palm to the pursuit of enrichment and consumption. The media is not encouraging personal and intellectual development, but with the scope of the advertised attributes of the good life: luxury cars, houses, clothes, travel, parties, etc. And the heroes of popular films and TV series rarely are holding books, magazines and almost never talk about classic or modern literature.