That involves SEO site audit

To spend SEO site analysis, you must consider a variety of elements that need to be optimized. In the course of this work it is checked whether optimization of a particular element, and what is the quality of the optimization whether you need revision. For example, checks the human-readable URLs on the website. Yes, these addresses need for SEO, but not everywhere they will be equally useful. In some parts of the site they can not even do, but to understand where they are needed and how best to implement, it is important to conduct a SEO audit.

You should also explore the other elements of the site. You need to optimize titles and page descriptions to improve the attractiveness of the snippets. The fact is that thanks to high-quality attractive the snippet can significantly increase the CTR on the link of the website in search engines. Also, it indirectly contributes to higher positions in the results due to behavioral factors.

As for the main content, the SEO audit is checked whether optimization of images, text and other site elements. All texts must be of relevance to certain keyword queries. It is also important to optimize graphic images. Moreover, any content must be unique, because such content is attractive to search engines and it is through this content you can successfully develop a resource. The use of keywords in the texts and important tags can significantly improve the relevancy of the pages. Therefore it is necessary to correctly optimize your content under a semantic kernel.

When you need to conduct a SEO audit

In fact, throughout the development of the site it is necessary to constantly monitor the progress of promotion. Of course, not necessarily to do a detailed analysis of all that is possible, because it is not even necessary. But it is necessary to highlight certain points and track them. For example, during the detailed analysis it was found that promotion in search engines is very hampered by the fact that due to incorrect operation of the engine there are duplicate pages. When the problem has been fixed, will always have to ensure that this problem does not appear in the future. You should also follow the changing situation in search results. If the situation does not change in the desired direction, it is necessary to conduct additional measures to address different kinds of problems.

It is also important to conduct SEO audit for the initial stage of development of the site to assess its potential and to develop an effective promotion strategy. It is also important to have recourse to a detailed SEO audit when there are complex and obscure problems with the promotion. This is the most obvious situations in which without this kind of analysis of the website is simply not enough.