Social optimization implies making such changes to the website that will promote unique transitions from so popular today social media. Almost every user has a registered profile in Vkontakte or Facebook. And many people spend a lot of time in such networks, browsing various information. It would be nice to get this traffic to your website, thereby increasing its popularity and getting some benefit from it.

What features of SMO

When optimizing your website for social traffic to be tailored to those people who use social networks. This audience is somewhat different from that which is used to the traditional sites, and forums. First of all, it concerns the design and various elements used on the website. Social media users are accustomed to the standard elements like buttons likes, retweets, comments and other elements. If you intend to use social media to get traffic, then you need to take care that the website had data elements on their pages.

Also, this audience is quite critical to the convenience of staying on site. So you'll have to adapt the site for such purposes and to make sure that visitors feel in the pages of the web resource are most comfortable with. People from social networking are accustomed that it is possible to freely share some information with your friends that one chat that you can view how many people liked one or the other publication, and so on. All this must be considered when creating a design for a resource that will receive a major influx of traffic due to social media.

SMO also requires active work directly in the social networks. You will have to create your group and promote it by attracting new participants from other groups or due to the huge number of their friends. And to attract even more visitors will have to maintain active communication in the other popular groups, constantly calling to join your group or go to your website.