The doctors gave an unambiguous answer. No.

Then the question is how to throw off those extra unwanted pounds? It has long been invented by effective measures.

First of all it concerns sweet and starchy foods. Your body is almost nothing to lose from what you will fully waive any and all components of these treats. And benefit you'll get many times more.

But is this the type of people for whom such a waiver is akin to torture. They can endure for some time, and then can not stand, broken and for once eat that much, just disproportionately so, in what quantities they are used is up to the decision to abandon the sweet and starchy foods.

In this case, it would be better to replace them like. For example, the sugar in the honey, and chocolate, for example, gummy candy. And another small secret is that they eat better in the morning than in the evening. This will help to settle the extra calories during the working day.

Secondly, you should not eat so that would be enough for a few days in advance. It is better to eat smaller portions but more often. The same applies to dinner. If possible, replace the formal greasy fried chicken or braised pork with prunes for something light, for example, vegetable salad.

If you can, then it is better to limit the bread in your diet. If this is difficult for you, you can try to at least replace white bread black. The latter is more rich in vitamins and minerals.

Water also helps to restore the body. Nutritionists have deduced that the optimal amount of water per day should be about several liters. And it is desirable to use an hour before meals. This will take a certain volume of the stomach, which will affect a smaller amount of feed consumed.

And probably one of the most important recommendations. It would be better not to take food after six or seven PM. This will help the stomach to relax before sleep, not to take the trouble to digest a late dinner.

In General, a universal formula for stabilization no weight. That can afford one, it is not suitable to others. All selected purely individual.