The appearance of seedlings can be very different. In cereals shoots — subulate, of a rolled or folded leaf, embracing the rudiments of the next leaves and a Bud, which later develops a stalk. Other selhozarteli (bipartite) seedlings usually present stem, bearing at the top of the open semental (or, if the latter remain in the soil, the first leaves) seed plants (kidney) between them.

Sementelli in some plants does not come to light (e.g., pea), in others they come out, sometimes very quickly fall off (like beans), sometimes remain and form the first leaves. Sementelli (or first leaves) are usually very different in shape from true leaves, and their shape varies greatly. In some plants they are thick, fleshy, other — leaf, wide (e.g., radish), narrow, elongated (e.g., tomato).

Signs for plant identification, the seedlings are usually form Amendola (or first leaves), pubescence, colour of shoots, the nature of the root system and so on. Sometimes on shoots you can even define the plants belonging to this or that intra-group (for example, common forms of spring wheat differs from winter pubescence of the first sheet).