The end of April-beginning of may is the optimum time for planting potatoes. It is in this period the earth warmed to the desired temperature, and melt water do not have time to leave the soil. Of course, to measure the soil temperature with a thermometer before planting is unnecessary, one need only look to the birch leaves: if they're the size of a penny coin and more, now is the time. So, the potatoes planted, now you only have to watch and wait for germination, not to lose time, if the seedlings will not germinate. For this you need knowledge about how long after planting the green shoots of potato.

Actually, the potato can germinate in 7-25 days, here in a greater degree all depends on programisti soil and the value of the existing germs. For example, if the earth's temperature 8-10 degrees, the potatoes will rise not earlier than in 20-25 days, 11-18 degrees in 10-20 days above 18 degrees for 7-10 days.

It should be noted that the germinated seeds germinate in three to five days before the above deadlines. Remember, when planting potatoes in early (late April), the seedlings can not be too sunk, as the upper layers of the earth warms up much faster, and the earth has a desired humidity, if the humidity of the earth reaches 75 percent or higher, there is a risk of losing the crop because of the injury to tuber rotting diseases).

Can potato does not come up

If, after planting potatoes been a long time (over 25 days), and germs are not visible, it's time to sound the alarm. Potatoes in General can not ascend, the reasons can be several:

poor quality of planting material;

- the wrong sort of potatoes (heat-loving variety that has not suffered too low temperatures in spring.

- the defeat of the seeds of various diseases;

- attack of the mole crickets.