Causes of insomnia:

- stress or prolonged depression;

- unfavorable conditions for sleep, such as noise, uncomfortable bed;

- lifestyle changes (change of residence, work);

- diseases that cause constantly Wake up (cystitis, difficulty breathing).

Get rid of insomnia can be, by improving sleep and activity, but it is suitable mainly when the cause of the disorder is a change of scenery. In other cases, if insomnia is not leaving and has a regular character, you need to pay to the doctor.

You should also take the following measures:

- to avoid drinking alcohol in the evening;

- try not to smoke before bedtime;

- limit consumption of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, carbonated beverages;

- don't overeat in the evening, drink plenty of fluids;

for a couple of hours before bedtime it is advisable to take a bath (muscles will be relaxed, and the body wants to sleep);

- need to sleep in total darkness and in silence on the comfortable bed;

- the temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 20 degrees;

- it is recommended to do exercises, move more throughout the day (however, 2 hours before sleep, the activity must be reduced);

- to give up sleep in the daytime;

before going to sleep is not desirable to watch movies (emotive), and plan for the future and to make an assessment of current action

- not counting sheep or pigs before sleep (score implies the concentration of attention and, consequently, the brain cannot relax).

Turning to the doctor hardly immediately scheduled medication, because for starters the specialist will try to determine the root cause of insomnia. In severe cases, possible recommendation of sleeping pills is also not excluded a visit to the psychiatrist.

In most cases, insomnia is suitable one expression - "all illnesses from nerves". It is not necessary to worry about every little thing, thinking about work every waking minute. Just need to learn to disconnect from work and problems at least for a while.