The whole point is that the buyer is through the Internet places the order, pays for it, you as the broker get a percentage of this product, order the item from the supplier to the buyer's address, and where your work ends.

If we consider further, that the supplier undertakes to send the order and then send it to the buyer's address.

Than this business is good? Yes, because you do not need practically no investment other than a computer, phone negotiations with suppliers, well, a couple thousand rubles for the promotion of the site and advertising for sale of a particular product.

Before you can begin to develop in this business, you need to perform all the markets all types of goods. Without good analysis you can lose time and even little money.

In fact, dropshipping is a regular online store, but the only difference is that the sale of goods is made directly from the supplier.

Dropshipper, as it is now to call a person involved in the sale of goods via the Internet, is an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier. His duty is to contain your site, advertise it, promote it, make popular, take orders from customers and to transfer all the data to the vendor. The other issues with stacking, packing, delivery are decided by the owner of the goods.

Consider one of the examples of men's watches of a certain brand. You find the most advantageous to the supplier offering the lowest price for this product, phoned, written off with him. Typically, suppliers are willing to make cooperation.

Cost of goods dropshipper establishes itself, Naniwa it at will. Most importantly - do not bend with the price, otherwise the buyer will pass by.

There are, of course, and cons of this business:

1) the Customer is tied to you, so at low speed of delivery, all the buds will crumble on you that may affect your image.

2) Before you start cooperation with any of suppliers, verify the quality of the product.

3) the packing of received goods can also spoil the reputation.

Therefore, to reduce all risks to a minimum, please study, read all pitfalls, to study the legal base.