One desire is not enough, you should start looking for a suitable, reliable supplier from whom you could buy all you wanted in one place.

How is it to find a supplier?

1) you Need to decide for yourself, what I would like to sell.

2) Explore top sites on the Internet in the sale of Chinese products.

3) to Analyze the sites of interest suppliers by records and research, check reviews. The source can be a directory of suppliers.

5) the Next tip is to narrow the range of suppliers, establish contacts with them, to try to develop a relationship.

6) you Can find someone who is versed in this type of business, or an intermediary, who for a small penny will help to understand.

Better to work with those suppliers that have high ratings on well known websites who have previously sent their products to our country, it's possible to check on customs entries (there are Resellers who offer a good price on the customs documents).

The problem of the language barrier, of course, exist, therefore if the vendor is large, he definitely should be in the state of people who at least speak English, rarely in Russian, the language of the entrepreneur will be very difficult to negotiate.

A win-win option of searching for suppliers is a visit and inspection of the products right on the spot, it is already possible to ensure the transparency of transactions, type of goods, packing it with quality. Also personal negotiations and acquaintance with the authorities never interfered.

Be careful, if you order through the site you always write that the product is no, you should say goodbye with the supplier, avoid sellers of very cheap electronics, and one of the junk suppliers is the one that does not have export licenses.

Business partnership with Chinese suppliers is financial stability, new friends, and also the possibility to buy everything for a lower price.