During these 9 months you have hundreds of times imagined how pass childbirth, and how will your... On the shelf appeared more than a dozen books about how to be a good mother how to behave during childbirth and many-many other. You know, I guess now I have to disappoint you. Or Vice versa – will please. During the birth you won't remember a single line from these books! The most important thing is to remember only one thing.

Think about the baby!

Every birth is a unique process. For example, if your neighbor at the cottage had suffered in the battles of 8 hours – not the fact that you rolled this "happiness". It may well be that your baby is very wants to see mommy and everything will happen much faster than in the terrible stories of a neighbor. So do not make anything. And do not wrap yourself in advance. Every body is different, and even the doctors will not be able to predict how many will last childbirth. Tune to the positive.

During fights, try not to shout and not to waste energy. They'll come in handy. After all, the hardest thing to come. And you should be able to have a baby alone. It's better than a C-section, isn't it?

The birth of a child is great! Let this point you will have only one thought – "soon I will see my baby."

Forget his day of birth. Never mind all the "cockroaches". The less you have to spend forces and nerves for extraneous thoughts, the faster will the light of your little treasure. Think only about him. From you now on his life. And you can make it enjoyable from the first minute.