This attitude to the victim traumatize her even more, forcing to remain silent, not to seek justice and not to seek help. But the trauma of rape is very serious. Women who survived this nightmare and can not cope with it and later have problems in sexual life, they rarely create a family, more likely to suffer from domestic violence, substance abuse and workaholism.

What to do?

Start taking his injury and himself in it with the recognition that you are not to blame. Often even without the charges the woman is trying to perform, what does it "not" why it happened to her. This is the path to a dead end. The crime happened because the rapist has committed a crime. So blame the criminal, not yourself. You just happened to be in his way. Anger, incidentally, a good exit from the traumatic situation.

Be sure to write the application in police. Of course, it is a kind of heroic act to go in there and talk about what you did at the time, as nothing is healed, either physically or emotionally. Many women do not go to the police, because, from the statement will be "to talk", again the search is not the culprit, and the reason why the crime happened. Afraid of sidelong glances, afraid of publicity, afraid of confrontations. All of this is more than clear, however, many studies in this field show that those rape victims who has achieved justice, brought the case to court and put her abuser, then feel much better.

Enlist the support of someone from the family or loved ones. Surely, you have at least one person who you can trust, to tell everything, ask for help, and he will definitely help. Bring in the police this person. In parallel with this, please seek psychological help. Unfortunately, the trauma of rape is very strong, and in most cases cannot be overcome with the help of "kitchen therapy" - intimate conversations with a friend.

Not be amiss to change the situation, at least for a short time. To go to rest, but not on a noisy crowded resort, and in quiet guest house, a rest home or a sanatorium. Again — definitely not one! One at first, in General, it is better not to stay, so if you have the opportunity to temporarily move in with relatives or friend, take advantage of this opportunity!